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Intumescent Fireproofing for Commercial & Industrial Building Projects in Northeast Florida

Any new construction project should include premium fire protection. Making sure the structural areas of your new build have the right protective coatings is essential to make sure the building is safe and up to code. Look to Advanced Insulation for intumescent fireproofing services in Bunnell, FL and the surrounding area.

Our team provides top-grade fireproofing applications for structural steel. This special liquid coating can be water- or solvent-based and applied like paint to the steel beams of a building. With proper coating, your building’s structure can have extra defense against flames and heat.

Ensure your client’s properties have quality fireproofing with help from Advanced Insulation. Connect with us online or call (904) 797-3397 to schedule intumescent coating services in Northeast FL.

What Are Intumescent Coatings?

Intumescent coatings are applied to structural steel to help defend against flames. The material is painted on and provides up to 3 hours of passive fire protection. When exposed to flames or heat, these coatings will swell and burn slowly, giving building occupants ample time to exit. Additionally, the coatings come in a variety of tints to match almost any color.

Talk to Advanced Insulation online or call (904) 797-3397 to discuss intumescent coating services for your business and clients.

Benefits of SPF Fire Coatings

Make sure that the structures you work on have the protective fireproof coatings they need. Just a few advantages of our SPF fire coatings include:

  • Increased safety: Coated surfaces greatly increase their strength against heat and flames, expanding greatly when exposed to temperatures of 390 to 480 degrees.
  • Quick installation: We can apply our fireproofing coatings like paint, making for a quick project.
  • Long-lasting effects: Our coatings are designed to last for up to 3 hours during a fire.

With the right coatings, your client’s properties can have added security against the spread of fire. Call (904) 797-3397 today or speak with us online to discuss your need for intumescent coating services.

Intumescent Fire Coating Installation

Advanced Insulation provides installation of intumescent fire coatings throughout the Northeast FL region. Our team can quickly apply this material to your structural beams to help ensure extra safety against fire damage. Our team has years of experience providing this service for:

  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Retail centers
  • Office buildings
  • Apartment buildings
  • And many more properties

Look to experienced pros to handle intumescent fire coating installation in Northeast Florida. Reach us online or call (904) 797-3397 to schedule service.

Choose Advanced Insulation

For over 20 years, Advanced Insulation has been known for its excellent work and professionalism. Our team strives to put the customer first in everything we do. From free quotes to top-quality materials, we provide everything you need for your project.

Trust Advanced Insulation for all your fireproofing needs. Contact us online or call (904) 797-3397 to request a quote.

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